The MBM program is offered by five constitutional campuses of Tribhuvan University.  Fee structure of SMC is minimum among the all. The total program cost of the program is Rs. 250,000 (Two Hundred fifty thousands) for four semesters.  Each student should pay all semester fees at the beginning of the semester. The breakdown of the fees as follows.

First Semester fees

Admission fees

Semester fees

Payment at the time of admission


Rs. 50000

Rs 50,000

Rs. 100000

Semester charge Rs 50000



  1. The admission fees include Library deposit Rs 10,000 (Ten thousands), Orientation/ Induction cost Rs 10000 (Ten thousand) .
  2. Semester charges include tuition fee, resource materials, computer lab charges, and cost of resource material, seminar paper and articles.
  3. The cost of transportation and lodging of domestic excursions and industrial visit outside of the Kathmandu valley will be supported by College and food cost will be paid by the student.  The cost of international industrial tour will be shared depending on the overall gravitas.


Scholarship will be awarded on the basis past academic records and merit basis.  The general scholarship will be awarded to 10 percent students on semester fees. The special scholarship will be awarded to meritorious student who secured distinction marks in semester. The sponsorship scholarship will be arranged for the needy students.