Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) is a newly designed 4 years, 8 semester course of Tribhuvan University faculty of management (FOM). It is an intensive professional program based on the student-centered learning approach. The curricular structure of BBM program has business tool courses, business foundation courses, focus area courses and elective area courses.

The course is designed with the following objectives:

  • Develop students’ skills in creative thinking, decision making, leadership, communication, and gain understanding of operations and change.
  • Develop students’ understanding of entrepreneurship and innovation, and effective management of business operations in a dynamic business environment.
  • Prepare students for professional life to work as business manager and entrepreneur.

The program covers total 120 credit hours dividing 15 credit hours in each semester. Each semester constitute of 16 weeks of intensive study. The performance of students will be evaluated through ongoing in-semester evaluations and semester-end examinations. The in-semester (internal) evaluation shall generally have a total weight of 40 percent in each course. The semester-end examinations on course work related subjects shall have a total weight of 60 percent.

The grading system followed in the BBM program will be based on the absolute performance of a student in the in-semester evaluation and semester-end examinations. The BBM degree is awarded upon its successful completion of all the following requirements specified by the curriculum.

The successful completion of 120 credit hours as prescribed with a minimum of passing grade in all courses with CGPA of 2.00.

A minimum of grade ‘C’ obtained in the Project Report Writing Or Internship.

Completed all the course requirements as specified in the curricular structure section within the maximum time period specified in the normal and maximum duration of the study section.

Students who want to enroll for BBM Program must pass the CMAT examination.  The colleges running the program shall conduct the individual presentations and interviews for selecting suitable candidates. The admission committee of the colleges has the final authority in selecting the students for the BBM program. For further detail see the web site:

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BBM Syllabus