Saraswati Multiple Campus was established in the year BS 2016. Our campus has been allowed to provide M. A. Economics from BS 2075-05-28 during the duration of its 62-year history. Lectures have been presented as part of this evening program. Saraswati Multiple Campus’ Department of Economics is one of newest and best, with competence across the whole range of mainstream economics. The effect of its work on the discipline as a whole has been assured by a long-standing dedication to being on the leading edge of advancements in the area. Over the last three years, members of the department have contributed to almost every important intellectual advance in Economics.
1. HOD Economics:Hem Raj Karki

2. CO-Ordinator:Jamuna Shrestha
3. Assistant Coordinator: Dr. Yadav Mani Upadhyaya
4. Chandra Prasad Dhakal
5. Jamuna Shrestha
6. Nanu Maya Devkota
7. Dhruba Bhattarai
8. Janak Paudel
9. Madhusudan Gautam
10. Dr. Ganesh Thapa
11. Prof. Dr. Surya Bahadur Thapa
12. Buddhi Sagar Parajuli