Interdisciplinary Journal of Management and Social Sciences (IJMSS)

The biannual Interdisciplinary Journal of Management and Social Sciences (IJMSS) is a blind peer reviewed interdisciplinary, international, online open-access journal. It was established in 2020 AD with the aim of promoting and enhancing the “Research Management Cell” (RMC) of Saraswati Multiple Campus (TU). This journal aims at creating an interdisciplinary research space both for the Scholars of Management and Social Sciences. This UGC funded Journal consists articles in APA and MLA format as per the convention. It has articles in two languages namely Nepali and English. IJMSS will cater to wide scholarly readership.

Published both in print and online, the mission of this journal is to be a showcase of initiatives and ideas, with an effort focused on structuring and consolidating scientific thinking in the areas of Management and Social Sciences. We believe that research is strengthened by different interdisciplinary views, which must be exercised with actions and contradictions. Advances in knowledge include the dissemination of research and its results.

The members of the Research Management Cell (RMC) are as follows:

  1. Yadav Mani Upadhyaya – Director
  2. Ramhari Sharma Lamsal- Member
  3. Shadananda Paudyal- Member
  4. Jamuna Shrestha- Member
  5. Narayan Prasad Aryal- Member
  6. Janga Bahadur Hamal- Member
  7. Ganesh Dutta Panta- Member
  8. Arvind Dahal- Member

So far two volumes of IJMSS have been published. The online link of those volumes in Nepjol is


1. Arvind Dahal

2. baburam khanal

3. badri pokharel

4. chandra bahadur kc

5. golman gurung

6. Gunja Kathet

7. Janga Bahadur Hamal_Final

8. Khom raj kharel

9. murari karki

10. murari krishna gautam

11. narayan aryal Final

12. narandra subedi

13. padam lama

14. rita parajuli

15. tek nath subedi

16. yadav

17. kanchhi maharjan

18. sadananda


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