Sunisha Bajracharya

MBM course in Saraswati Multiple Campus delivers a core set of the advanced integrated curriculum with a global perspective using updated technology. I choose the MBM course in this college because of the strong pipeline of talented and energized professionals focused on developing the core business skills of students. The entire faculty and department leave no stone unturned to shape one’s future. The course design with specialized subjects and feasible shift of classes for job holders is facilitated in a perfect manner. Joining SMC will be the career upgrading decision and a great opportunity for all students.

Er. Sushant Kandel

When I was seeking an institution to embark on my post-graduation, I always searched for a diverse environment. This expectation of mine was met by Saraswati Multiple Campus and additionally, it’s a commitment to the course ensuring an exhilarating environment. Saraswati Multiple Campus is quite liberal and gives space for students to groom themselves. I have experienced growth in myself within these years, both personally and professionally. It encouraged me to invest in knowledge which is the biggest asset I have today. I am forever indebted to the college and teachers for my learnings and experiences.

Sabhya Acharya

MBM (Masters in Business Management) is a two years course having 4 semesters. In this course one can learn and experience the practical aspects of things, the vast amount of experienced teachers and the teaching method will shape you nicely for the career path you’ll choose. The subject available in this course is very relatable in the business world and having an MBM degree will give you the edge over your competition.

Ram Bahadur Khadka

I really loved being under one roof in that beautiful building and enjoyed the diversity of the campus. The Professors were extremely passionate about what they did and wanted me to become better; the staff and students really cared about me, and I was respected and appreciated for my opinions. Along with gaining the knowledge to pursue my major, I also developed leadership and communication skills and overcame my own culture and language barrier as I transferred to Saraswati Multiple Campus. Going to Saraswati Multiple Campus (SMC) is the best decision I ever made.


Student Club Details of MBM

CLub of MBM SMC ( CMS) is the student club of MBM students established by the first batch of students of MBM on 13th February 2020 with the motto of “Learning today, leading tomorrow” in order to encourage constructive relationships among the students, the administration and the management in the presidency of Nikesh Nakarmi. To represent students’ interests, needs, and welfare within the campus by organizing different activities which will support the students to enhance their skills and knowledge and also to implement theoretical knowledge into practice. The mission of the students club will be to promote a learning environment where individuals rediscover themselves and learn to be thoughtful and responsible managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs. Promote entrepreneurship and professionalism by assisting entrepreneurs and institutions in acquiring and managing resources effectively. The purpose of the Educational Club of the MBM program is to promote the teaching profession and enhance the learning opportunities provided by the administration of the MBM Program. The club helps to bring educational speakers to campus and provides opportunities for volunteering and service. The club helps to promote the MBM Program by participating in the advertisement campaign organized by the campus and renders the service to the society. Additionally, the club organizes various academic activities such as research, conference, seminars, workshops, training, and extra-curricular activities. To provide opportunities for students to participate in educational and volunteer work within the surrounding community.

The following candidates are working as the executive members for the second tenure of CMS:

President: Rejina Bhattarai

Vice-president: Ram Bahadur Khadka

Secretary: Deependra Joshi

Treasurer: Raj Shrestha

Spokesperson: Srijana Khadka

Program coordinator: Aakriti Adhikari

Executive General Member:

1)  Isha Poudel

Former member: Nikesh Nakarmi ( President )

Bidya Dhital ( General Member) 

Mandeera Shrestha ( Spokesperson)